Sunday, July 8, 2007

Whose fascination!!!

In what follows, (so it has already begun) the readers of this blog (if any) will, or at least should, bein to appreciate if they are not doing it already - the power of a fascination, that lasts. The first obvious question is - which fascination. It is needless to say that other questions like whose Fascination, why fascination follow in the first place.

But since i decided to write about a generic fascination, i named this topic as whose fascination and not which fascination. Note again- the answer to whose fascination is the fascination of the mass.

Having answered the second question, its time to tacle the others; or wait- is it? "Fascination of the mass" - does not that thing deserve a little elaboration? Since i feel that it does, i delve into it.

Our lives are dictated by mostly a desire to find meaning. It is fuelled by a sense of making sense out of what we do and our surroundings/environment does upon us. A simple action-reaction pair. So the fascination which lasts, if it is to be fascination of the mass, it needs to address these basic philosphical questions. what questions? Questions infact related with our action-reaction system and thus connected with our surroundings.

What can be the answer? This is interetingly the first question...Which fascination? and the answer is science...A universe. A big-bang...A theory..A reality...Creation...Miracle..It is this sense of human achievement which i will be detailing more upon in my future blogs. The human history sings this single basic theme. Everybody forms his own theories of being. Not that this is wrong. this is what one must do or else he will be no better than a stone. But taking into the accoun the bewilderment, excitement and tragedy which surrounds one of the world's greatest discoveries, i feel it is imperative that we look down the tunnel created to understand self by the giants of human race...A tunnel we need to look into..A tunnel we need to get fascinated by...A tunnel which tells - why fascination.


Ayush said...

So... whose fascination? Well am waiting for the next one in the series....

Abhishek Goswami said...

for me the question is not so much a question of 'whose fascination'.generic fascination has always been for the masses, thriving on the premise of the fuzzy and the abstract. and the very fact that it exists still only confounds me on the levels of our self-proclaimed and much-touted 'human achievement'.

i believe on a certain plane we are already inside the tunnel.and that's what makes it doubly imperative to understand and get fascinated by it. looking up and ahead for the route-finders u post.

Rev said...


Good effort here. It does bring back the feeling that one gets while reading Escape Velocity.
However, its a lil hard to follow.. wouldn suggest it, but you could considering editing it :).